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Tire Tracks

Magnum Wear Parts is proud to offer Right Track rubber tire tracks!

Right Track Systems manufacture high quality rubber track systems for various types of equipment. The Right Track System is fast becoming the best all-around rubber track design in the industry. Tracks for trucks can be made for any make or model of off-road vehicle (with pneumatic tires). They can be built to any length, width, and tire size. They can also be manufactured with a variety of grouser types and patterns including poly urethane, UHMW and even ice cleats.The grousers also come in a variety of depths to offer different amounts of track aggressiveness. Unlike any other track system on the market, the different grouser and ice cleat configurations can be inter-changed to suit different jobs and different seasons. They are completely customizable and rebuildable, to fill any and all of your needs. Not only does it provide extra traction, they also improve your flotation on your equipment by anywhere from 300-700% in everything from muskeg to snow. The tracks also protect the tire from virtually all damage, which is a great asset to those working on sites with loose debris or bad terrain where both side wall and tire tread damage are frequent. All tracks are easy to install, with most being under an hour and can be removed within minutes.

They can be built for:
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Skid Steers
  • Snow Cats
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Aerial lifts & Telehandlers
  • as well as Custom builds for any of your needs!