PIRANHA Gutter Broom Attachments



Piranha is a segmented attachment that is added to a regular bolt on gutter broom. The Piranha is bolted between your regular gutter broom and the drive plate. A piranha brush segments gets installed at every bolt that holds the gutter broom in place. Typically, 6 to 10 segments per gutter broom depending on model of sweeper.



Piranha is light but very aggressive. Piranha only weighs +/- 2 lbs each.  The low weight reduces stress on hydraulics and joints on sweepers. Warthog type brush plates can weigh up to 80 lbs each



Piranha is stiff and holds up the gutter broom extending the gutter broom life up to 200 hours of sweeping. Saving on inventory costs and brush changes. It also requires minimum down pressure that will triple the life of your gutter broom making Piranha virtually free.



Piranha is manufactured using high quality swaged steel cables and it eliminates weeds and grass at the roots therefore delaying any regrowth. Piranha is the obvious choice for anybody requiring a heavy duty do-it-all brush.



Many contractors have to have a second sweeper behind to clean up the mess the Warthog type brush didn’t clean. Piranha has solved that problem. Piranha being attached to a regular gutter broom which is designed to clean thoroughly is able to strip with the outer diameter of the disk and the inner gutter broom does the fine cleaning.


Piranha is universal! No longer need to inventory different types Warthog type disks.



Warthog type brushes are good at stripping the surface but lack the ability to do any finishing work.


Piranha makes your sweeper versatile and is able to deal with any situation it encounters of the spot. The sweepers can often clean up in one pass what typically would require several passes. This ability saves time and energy which equals money saved.